Babysitter info
Personal conversation
Carefully evaluated and personally interviewed babysitters
We are committed to providing quality services: before accepting a childminder we thoroughly evaluate all applicants during a personal conversation and carefully check all references. We enquire about important questions such as the physical and mental state of the applicant and their moral background. In addition to this a senior colleague personally talks to all applicants. Our attention to detail ensures that reliable babysitters arrive at the families’ homes.
Babysitter training
Looking after children is more than a job to do
Our most important duty is to determine the ability to do childminding

Our training consists of the following:


During the preparation period we enable our babysitters to be introduced to the educational material on the theory of childcare. We have published our own textbook, which functions as the basis of the curriculum, with the help of our trainers. The book was checked by a famous child-psychologist and an obstetrician-gynaecologist. The participants receive the textbook free of charge but it can be purchased by anyone in our office.
Areas of the curriculum:

  • Paediatrics
  • Baby care
  • Cognitive, mental and motion development in different age groups
  • Preparations to collect references

The theoretical training consists of a 54-hour, well organised series of lectures. Participation in the theoretical training is compulsory as paediatricians, nurses and teachers introduce the applicants to the secrets of looking after children.
The theoretical preparation closes with a final exam. The objective of the exam is to test the babysitter’s knowledge.


During the practical training the applicant gets in contact with our children from 6 months to 7 years of age in our Children’s hotel or kindergarten. This way, everything that was learnt in theory can be introduced in practice.
The duration of the practical training is 200 hours. Tasks are: feeding, putting to sleep, nappy changing, potty training, playing, walks, reading stories etc.

Diploma, references

After the practical training the applicants receive a bilingual diploma as proof of their participation in the course. In addition to this we issue a Hungarian-English letter of reference on the activities during the practical training.

Choosing family
Full range documentation on the chosen babysitter

After finishing the course and before the personal interview, every parent would like to see who they let into their homes to look after their children, to whom they are going to trust their ’lives’.

The childminder has to have the following documents:

  • Carefully checked references of the childminder
  • Medical certificate
  • School leaving examination certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Description of personality
  • Photographs of the childminder
  • In addition to this, a CV and data related to the babysitter’s education and experience
Professional and friendly colleagues
Our colleagues have experience as babysitters or au-pairs so they are sensitive to the expectations of both the childminder and the host family. This understanding enables for us that both the childminder and the family can communicate freely and easily with them whenever they want to do so.
Special helpline
We know that there might be problems sometimes. Our special helpline colleagues are available 24 hours a day on the telephone number +36 20-772-1313 to make it easy for you or the family to reach us with your problems. Our professional team is ready to solve problems fairly, diplomatically and quickly.
Qualification of our babysitters/ childminders
The babysitters chosen by our agency have to meet the following criteria:
  • Their age is between 18-60 / for boys 18-25,
  • They have experience in childcare from a babysitter training course, childminding or looking after children of acquaintances and many of them have a diploma in healthcare/ nursery teaching / teaching,
  • They have school leaving examinations,
  • Most of them speak a foreign language at a communicative level
  • They are motivated and enthusiastic (they want to do a good job and they care about children)
  • They are in good mental and physical condition, with proof of suitable health
  • They hold a valid driving licence if this is a condition for hiring
  • They have attended a personal interview with a leading colleague of ours
  • They have provided carefully checked references on their experience in childcare, their character and moral past.
We hope that your expectations meet the opportunities provided by us. We are waiting for your application!
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